First Outdoor test

Exited of the indoor remote controlled success, we headed out to try the prototype in a real outdoor environment conditions   During the runs we’ve found out two things: The chassis was too low and the prototype was unable to overcome higher obstacles The prototype was too “jumpy”   The decisions we took to correct […]

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Actuate via remote control

Following our plan we managed to assemble the structure and the basic electronic systems by the end of week 4. Of course we’ve experienced a few software and some hardware issues but afterwards all of them were resolved.   And so our first check point – to actuate the prototype via remote control Some software […]

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Electrical System Design

Here are some information regarding the electrical system design of our project Controller APM 2.6 Material: Aluminum alloy and plastic Dimension: 7 x 4.5 x 1.5 cm Weight: 28g Based  on  Arduino Side and top entry pins Includes 3-axis gyros, accelerometer and a high performance barometer Barometric pressure sensor – Atmel’s ATMEGA2560 and ATMEGA32U-2 chips […]

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Project Timeline

The project timeline as we set it is as follows: End of week 4 Distribution of tasks Gather and discuss general ideas Assemble the structure and the basic subsystems Software installation and updates Suspension upgrade of the vehicle – new tires to be used(3D prints) System integrity test End of week 5 First outdoor test […]

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Mechanical System Design

Our main goal for the first four weeks was to create a basic prototype that can automatically move via remote control and in consequence with predefined coordinates   Structure Main points here were to determine what functions we need it to perform and from here how to design the chassis and the suspension. In the […]

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Project Timetable

The day of the first workshop we’ve started with a few hours discussion regarding the mission management. One of the main topics was to get to know each other as we were 3 total strangers. We’ve managed to determine the strong and the weak sides of every one of us. And that was a good […]

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